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Business Continuity

How to Access Business Continuity


Scroll down the Sidebar and access Business Continuity settings
You will find the Overview page.
Here you get to see the following Pages. Let us check them in detail.

Screenshot (121)

                                                                  Figure 01.

Page Bar: It displays the following pages. The settings you want to change/edit.

This page has Business plans with their details and status I.e approved/pending etc.


How to Create BCP:

Click on create BCP.
You land on the Business Continuity overview page.

Screenshot (122)

                                                          Figure 02.

It has the following elements:

Name of plan: like plan A, B, C
Activity: Subject /action
Offices: Concerned office
Departments: Concerned department
Primary Responsibility: Who is responsible?
Assign backup: who is working as backup?
Work Manual
Approver: approver of activity
Status: approved/pending
Created at on which date it is created.
Business continuity measures: work from home or from the site?
Manage: to edit, modify or delete click on the manage button.



Click on create.
The following form will pop up.

Screenshot (123)

                                                        Figure 03.

What is in the form:


Select the business unit to create BCP Plan:

Offices: select the concerned office.
Department: select a particular department.
Select the important business activities to cover under this BCP
Important business activities: enter the business activity
Click on assign important level buttons
Assign the primary and backup responsibility
Primary Responsibility: enter the name of the primary responsible
Backup: add who is Backup responsible for.
Upload work manual
Work manual: upload the work manual
Assign a reference number
Reference number: enter the reference number.
Image: upload image.
Select approver
Approver: select the approver of the activity.
Business continuity measures: set measures of business continuity.
Resources: enter resources
Note: write additional information here.


Cancel: if you want to cancel the form, click on it.

Create: if you want to create, click on the create button.


How to create/edit incident report:

Click on the incident report
You land on the incident report overview page.

Screenshot (124)

This overview page has the following features:

Disruption scenarios: this section has names of disruption scenarios.
Offices: concerned office.
Departments: concerned department.
Approver: Approver’s name.
Created by: created by which company?
Incident detail: details about the incident.
Status: is it approved/pending?
Created at on which date, it is created.


Manage: to manage/edit click on this button.

If you want to save changes after editing, click on update.

If you want to cancel, click on the cancel button.


How to create Incident Report:

Click on create.
The following page pops up.

Screenshot (125)

                                          Figure 05.

What is in the Form:

Offices: enter the concerned office.

Department: enter the department name.

Disruption scenarios: add disruption scenarios.

Business continuity plan: select a business plan.

Approver: select Approver.

Incident detail: enter incident detail.

Create: if you want to create, click on the create button.

Cancel: if you want to cancel, click on cancel.


Entries: Here you can select the number of entries you want to show on one page.
Search Bar: Here you can search for specific business activities.