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Shift Planner


Shift planner depicts employee Schedules, it helps to simplify the process of dealing with the immense workload and aids in creating an ideal shift work schedule.


Use Case:


Say, you are having trouble dealing with the workload, Shift planner will help you to create and manage a planner.


Let us see how we do it.

 How to Access Shift Planners:


1. Go to Dashboard > Shift planner

2. You land on the Shift Planner overview page. Here you get to see the following features. Let us check them in detail.


Screenshot (40)



The above-displayed Calendar appears on the overview page, you can change planner mode with the effect of month week, and day and access previously added plans.


Adding Planner:


Click on Dashboard>planner.
Employees list will be displayed in front of you.


Screenshot (41)

Figure 02,


Just click on plus shows in front of the Employees name with date and date.
After click on + Bar ,
The following card pops up.

Screenshot (42)

Figure 03,

What is in the Form:


Start time: When the shift starts.
End time: when the shift ends.
Break: A pause in work.
Note: Note regarding the employee.


Create: Click on create button shift planner is created.

Cancel: Click on the cancel button to discard the information.

Search Carousel: To look for the planner using the official name, day, and date.

Screenshot (43)

Figure 04,


Moreover, you can check and add new planners from the Date section, which gives access to all schedules.

Screenshot (44)


Furthermore, on this page, you will get different options like:


Publish shifts: You can publish shifts by clicking on them.
Copy shift: To copy just press and copy.
Add and filter: You can enter shifts from here.
Send schedule via email: You can send a shifting routine with this section.
Print the shift: Print shifts from here.
Share shift: You can share shifts with this button.

                                           figure 06,


The reports section will help in accessing the planner with the help of graphs regarding dates, days, and names.


Screenshot (46)

                                                     Figure 07,

The reports overview page has different options like:


Daily: Click on daily and graph based detail planner displays.
Monthly: Press on monthly, month-based schedule displays.
Employees: This bar gives details about employees’ planners.
Branch: It describes different branches that are represented with various colors.
Leaves: Total leaves detail.
Leaves by Employee. Press and find leaves by Employees.


You can also find reports regarding a particular employee of a company easily with just one click.

Screenshot (47)

                                                            Figure 08,


It has three requirements:

Date: Enter a specific date regarding concerns.

Offices: Add concerned departments.

Employees: Enter Employee’s name.


Apply: Click on apply and the planner of a specific person will display.

Reset: Press reset to remove the added information.



Click on settings.
Following form displays.


Screenshot (48)

                                                         Figure 09,


What is in this Form:


The week begins: Select the day from which the week starts.

Time format: Select the time format as 12/24 hours.

Date format: You can select the date format from this bar.

Shift notes: You can set note preferences with this bar.

Break: paid /unpaid


Save: To save all the settings click on the save button and your settings are saved.